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Cape Five Suppliers & GlobalG.A.P

Here at Cape Five, we focus on 6 sustainability pillars which include: fighting hunger, intensive farming, water, overpackaging, renewable energy and community upliftment. 

Food safety, quality and preserving our natural environment is of utmost importance to the sustainaibility of our agricultural industry, environment and people who live and work in it. During every harvest season (which is now for apples, pears, lemons and the start of stone fruit) all producers are compelled by Cape Five to be GlobalG.A.P certified. One of the requirements of the GolbalG.A.P audit is that it needs to be done during harvest to enable the auditor to follow the traceability, hazard critical control points and overall intention of management to achieve their highest goal: Food that is safe from a sustainable source and of good quality. These audits and certifications are essential for market access and our producers are determined to comply. 

At Cape Five we encourage all of our suppliers to comply as quality fruit from a sustainabile source is the only way for the future. 

For more information on GlobalG.A.P, visit their website.

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