About Us

“We gather perfect fruit from perfect trees” and supply over 55 countries globally with quality South African fruit.

From our origin in the heart of the fruit growing region of the Cape in 1997, Cape Five has branched out to strategic locations worldwide. Today, 25 years later, we have our head office in South Africa, with offices in Hong Kong and China (PRC) supplying quality apples, pears, citrus and stone fruit globally.

By maintaining close contact with the market, Cape Five offers the greatest opportunities to both fruit growing suppliers and fruit importers. This allows us the opportunity to follow trends and demands of the fruit exporting market closely. Keeping daily contact with customers, we can respond effectively to the needs and opportunities encountered by important role players: importers, retailers, wholesalers and experts in the field. We employ these measures to maximise opportunities and to manage the needs of each growing source country.

Trusted third party logistic partners deliver sourced fruit on time, under expertly controlled cold-chain conditions – either to the importer, distributor or directly to the retailer.


Our vision is to work closely with our suppliers offering market and farming expertise to ensure the best quality fruit reaches our customers. We are constantly striving to innovate, employing people that bring energy and passion to our business whilst nurturing relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. A strong commitment to sustainability and making a difference in our community continues to drive us forward. 

Guiding Principles


We are an ambitious, growing, profitable and sustainable business.


We are experts and problem solvers, delivering agile solutions, based on our detailed expert knowledge of the fresh produce value chain.


We aim to be innovative and dynamic, bringing energy and passion to the way we work


We build relationships by ensuring we understand and deliver on the diverse needs of those we do business with.


We strive to be consistent, fair and transparent in all our dealings with our growers, our customers and our people.

Our values are the foundation of our business