Stone Fruit

Cape Five specializes in plums, apricots, nectarines and peaches. South Africa produces sweet and juicy stone fruit of a very high standard that is globally sought after. Stone fruit season in South Africa is in the summer months, from November until April.

Main commodities include: plums (including interspecific, abbreviated to IS), peaches, nectarines and apricots

Plums: African Rose, Blackred I (IS), Ruby Dawn (IS), Purple Majesty, Ebony Rose (IS), Ruby Sun, Sunkiss, Fortune, Midknight Gold (IS), Lady Red, Ruby Red, August Yummy, Flavour King (IS), Honey Punch (IS), Laetitia, Flavour Star, Fall Fiesta (IS), Songold, African Delight, Ruby Star, Angeleno, September Yummy, Flavour Fall (IS) and Autumn Treat (IS)

Peaches: Transvalia, Temptation, Early Blush

Nectarines: Royal Ruby, Skye, Alpine, Donna Rosa, Ruby Rose, Sunburst, Sunlight, Artic Star, Bella Nova and August Red

Apricots: Supergold, Colorado, Charisma, Imperial, Faralia, Farely, Farlis


South African plums are sweet, juicy and full of  flavour. They come in many different varieties and are packed with vitamin C, potassium and fibre. In South Africa plum shipping weeks are from November to end of April. 


South African peaches are firm favourite summer fruit. Peaches grown in our sunny warm climate are sweet and extremely juicy. Peaches are shipped during November and December.


Nectarines are popular both locally and abroad due to their beautiful sweet, smooth and fragrant flesh. Nectarines along with peaches were some of the first fruit trees planted in the Cape. Although they are planted all over SA, the majority of plantings are in the Western Cape region. Shipping weeks are November to February.


Apricots are widely planted in South Africa and there are different varieties available. Typically South African apricots are sweet with firm flesh and are excellent to eat. Shipping weeks are November to February. 

New Apricot and Interspecific Plum Varietals

Here at Cape Five, innovation in new plant material is of utmost importance to keep on par with global trends. We are excited to launch new and unique varietals in the apricot and interspecific plum categories some of which will be market ready in the very near future. For a full view of all the new varietals we are growing please download our brochure.