SIZA, The Sustainability Initiative of South Africa

SIZA provides a platform for agricultural stakeholders to ensure ethical and environmentally sustainable trade. This platform monitors care for the environment and compliance with labour legislation. Our aim is to encourage continuous improvement in practices over time in excess of the minimum legal requirements. We engage directly with our stakeholders throughout the value chain in order to manage risks and identify needs and issues. Interventions and support tools are created by measuring member compliance over time.

Many of our suppliers are members of SIZA which means they adhere to environmental and ethical standards which are aligned to global best practices. To read more about SIZA, visit

Fighting Hunger

Our partnership with OneFarm Share supplies quality fruit to the most vulnerable communities in South Africa ensuring that almost no fruit is wasted. Our partnership with this fantastic initiative started in 2019, and we have already donated 20 tons of apples, pears and stone fruit to the cause. But our job is not yet done, we are in discussion to donate even more fruit on a monthly basis.

Intensive Farming

SIZA recently introduced an environmental standard as part of their certification named the SIZA Environmental Pillar of Sustainability which we urge all of our suppliers to adhere by. A large part of this standard is recognizing the challenges of intensive farming, and putting practices in place to farm more sustainably.


Many of our suppliers have GlobalG.A.P certification and the add-on named Spring, which is a sustainable program for irrigation and ground water use.


We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible which includes using recycled materials in our packaging solutions.

Renewable Energy

Sourcing alternate energy sources (including solar, water and wind), reducing energy consumption, and finding better ways to use power is always top of mind in our business and that of our growers and suppliers.

Community Upliftment

We work closely with our growers to ensure our communities are upskilled and uplifted wherever we can.