South African citrus is juicy, sweet and delicious. Citrus from South Africa includes oranges, grapefruit, lemons and soft citrus. Based on volumes, citrus production in SA is the largest fruit crop and most of it is exported. Citrus season in South Africa runs from February to end October.

Main commodities include: oranges, grapefruit, lemons and soft citrus

Oranges: Navel, Navelate, Cambria, Witkrans, Dekta Seedless, Midknights and Valencia

Grapefruit: Star Ruby

Lemons: Eureka

Soft Citrus: Satsumas, Esbal, Clementine, Nova, Mandarins, Minneolas, Valley Gold and Orri/Nadorcott


Cape Five offers all the major varieties of orange, specialising in Navels and Valencias. Oranges are available between May and October and high quality commercial and industrial fruit are available to suit any purpose


Cape Five offers several grapefruit varieties, of which the Star Ruby is the premier variety. Star Ruby grapefruit are characterised by an intensely red-fleshed fruit with exceptional eating quality. Star Ruby grapefruit are often seedless and are very sweet with a high juice content.


Eureka lemons are Cape Five’s staple lemon. Eureka lemons are smooth-skinned fruit with a high acid level and juice content, making them suitable for any purpose. 

Soft Citrus

Soft citrus are small, easy-peeling citrus fruits with a thin, dark orange rind. Soft citrus incldues mandarins which are popular snacks worldwide due to their fresh, sweet taste and ease of consumption.