Food for Good

We have partnered with OneFarm Share to supply quality fruit to the most vulnerable communities. The need for food relief is greater than ever, with over 12 million South Africans unsure of where their next meal will come from. Standard Bank and HelloChoice® have partnered to bring an easy, secure and transparent way to channel essential food directly to vulnerable communities, working with registered NPO’s like FoodForward SA. Last year alone One Farm Share donated 7000 tons of produce and fed over R1M people, and this year they are aiming at supplying 10 000 tons. Cape Five has been supporting One Farm Share since 2019, and we have since donated over 20 tons of apples, pears and stone fruit to this worthy cause. We are in further discussions to offer more support by allocating a monthly amount of export grade fruit for this incredible initiative.

Furthermore, we remain committed to uplifting our community and regularly donate fruit to communities in need.