Cape Five specializes in crunchy and delicious apples. A wide selection of popular varieties including Pink Lady®, Royal Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith are offered globally. Apple season runs from January to November.

Varieties include: Granny Smith, Pink Lady®, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Top Red, Cripps Red, Royal Beaut, Flash Gala and Royal Gala

Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are vivid green with firm white flesh and a fresh, tart taste. One of the finest cooking apples, Granny Smith is also delicious when eaten fresh.

Pink Lady®

Pink Lady is a premium-quality bicolour apple. The name applies to Cripps Pink apples with a high percentage of the striking bright pink to red blush on the surface of the fruit. The skin background colour is greenish and the flesh is crisp with a tart-sweet taste.

Red Fuji / Fuji

Red Fuji apples are large, with a green-yellow background and intense red stripes. Red Fuji’s have a characteristic crispness and a strong apple aroma, with juicy yellowish flesh. Fuji’s retain the intense crispness and aroma of Red Fuji, but are characterised by a less intense colour.

Golden Delicious

One of the most popular apple varieties worldwide, Golden Delicious apples are sweet with white flesh and pale green skin, ripening to yellow.

Top Red

Top Red can perhaps be described as the classic red apple. The variety has sweet, creamy white flesh with a deep red coloured skin and a crunchy texture.

Flash Gala

A crisp red apple with red stripes and tasty sweet flesh with a creamier texture.

Royal Beaut

The fastest growing new South African apple variety, Flash Gala is wine red in colour and is sweet and crunchy. 

Cripps Red

Cripps Red is a bicolour apple with a striking red hue. A relative of the better-known Pink Lady, Cripps Red has a more pronounced tart-sweet taste than Pink Lady. Cripps Red apples are crispy with a pronounced flavour and white flesh.