Cape Five has been exporting pears for over 25 years. Rich in antioxidants and fibre, pears are not only delicious but also a healthy option. The pear season runs from December until November.

Varieties include: Rosemary, Williams Bon Chrétien, Forelle, Packham’s Triumph and Vermont Beauty

Packham’s Triumph

One of the world’s most popular pears due to its exceptional eating quality, Packham’s Triumph pears are large, green-yellow fruit with a knobbly shape. Packham’s Triumph has creamy white flesh and a pronounced pear flavour.


Forelle pears are attractive oblong pears characterised by a red blush on a green-yellow background. Forelles are crispy and sweet with a coarse texture and a delicate flavour.

Vermont Beauty

Vermont Beauty is an oblong pear that has green-yellow skin. Like Forelle pears, Vermonts are crispy and sweet with a coarse texture and a very delicate, almost floral flavour.

Williams Bon Chrétien

Williams Bon Chrétien pears are bell-shaped medium-sized green pears that turn yellow as they ripen. Williams pears have cream-coloured flesh and are very juicy with a distinctive pear flavour.


An attractive red-blushed variety with a smooth skin, Rosemarie is a summer variety that has pale firm, sweet flesh with a delicate flavour.